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My book Dance with the Devil will be FREE all day long tomorrow, Friday, June 3, 2016, in the Amazon kindle store. Meaning that you can get a Free eBook copy of my book. You can get your copy tomorrow here. Simply choose the “Kindle” edition, select where you want the eBook to be delivered (your iPad, tablet, PC, phone, etc.), then click “Buy now with 1-click” to officially get your copy. Then, you’ll find the book in your Kindle app on your device of choice. If you don’t already have the Kindle app, be sure to download it (it is free) to your tablet, computer, or wherever you prefer. For now, here are 10 reasons why you should get a free copy of my book Dance with the Devil:

  1. It’s free! And what’s better than a free product? Get a copy for yourself, send a copy to your friends, siblings, mother, daughters, next door neighbors. It doesn’t cost you, and it could be a nice gift!Free eBook
  2. If you like reading fantasy, then this book is definitely for you. Come join the adventure and suspense. Immerse yourself in the world of Healers and Protectors, and let your world turn upside down.
  3. Get a front seat view of the love triangle between the main character Kaylie and two amazing guys.
  4. You get to see my early writing. I wrote Dance with the Devil when I was 17 years old and published it when I was 18. That was in 2011 when I had just started studying Creative Writing at the University of Central Florida. Since then, I’ve graduated summa cum laude, earning my Bachelor’s Degree. So when I look back today at my writing then, I feel like I get transported into the body of an 18-year-old me, and it’s both funny and exciting seeing my creative thoughts during that time.
  5. You’ll have something to read this summer during your free time, and it won’t cost you a dime.
  6. If you like plot twists, you’ll fall head over heels for this book. Don’t trust what anyone says or does in Dance with the Devil. Nothing is as it appears to be.
  7. You would be helping me grow my fan base. Whether or not you end up enjoying the book I wrote years ago when I was first starting out, you would still be supporting me and my future writing endeavors. By the way, thank you in advance for the support. You rock!
  8. If you’re into heroes, then there is nothing more heroic than the main character bringing the dead back to life.
  9. Who doesn’t love reading about a secret underground society that the rest of the world has no clue about?
  10. The book will keep you guessing who the real enemy is till the end.

Here’s a little summary of the book for you:

When the recent high school graduate Kaylie Gallagher loses her best friend Michael Lavern in a car accident, she finds herself entering a secret, supernatural world of Healers where her life is constantly being thrown to the edge of doom.

Kaylie is introduced to this mystical power which allows her to heal any injured creature, excluding the dead. She soon realizes that her power is a gift as well as a curse that she cannot get rid of without putting other Healers in harm’s way. Struck by the loss of someone she thought she loved as more than a friend, she soon finds that the unexpected of circumstances can lead her to the real love of her life. Yet deep down, she is still unsure of the choice she needs to make. She is trapped between facing her real feelings and bringing back what everyone thought was impossible: the dead.

So what do you say? Will you be getting my book Dance with the Devil tomorrow? Be sure to put a reminder in your calendar to get the free eBook copy!

For now, here’s a preview of the book:


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