3 Steps to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

writer's block

Writer’s block is a writer’s worst nightmare. You sit at your desk without ideas or motivation. Who’s going to write your novel if you’re not? Dread sets in, gives you an existential crisis. You think, I am a failure. But this is where you need to tell your inner critic that it is wrong and to shut up and act. Here’s how you can get rid of writer’s block:

Step #1

First off, it is all in your head. There is no such thing as writer’s block. You claim your imagination and creativity are stifled, but that’s not true. You are simply giving up too fast by assuming the universe will send ideas your way. However, that is a childish mentality. You are waiting for someone to hand you the ideas while you do the easy work. But guess what, you’re a writer! This is your job, every part of it. So, do it.

Your first step to combating writer’s block is to stop using it as an excuse not to write. By blaming this invisible culprit, you are detaching yourself from your responsibilities. Yet you are responsible for sitting at your desk, writing down some thoughts, thinking for some time about your work, and getting work done. Ideas don’t come without effort, at least not all the time. You must do your part.

Step #2

Your second step is training yourself to think creatively. The more you sit at your desk and jot down ideas, the more creative thoughts will start popping inside your head. It’s a beautiful thing.

Step #3

Your third step is putting your ideas together to form a novel. What would be interesting to you in a novel? Perhaps a story premise might pop into your mind. A man is dead, for instance, except people are claiming they saw him seconds before six people were murdered. I just came up with this premise on the spot. Now I can go on and ask myself, who is this dead man? And with that, I’ve created a character. Is this man really dead? Does that make him a ghost? Is he the killer or was he warning the people?

Another idea might be about the main character. A teacher, for instance, in her mid-twenties. She is one of the people who witnessed the murders (but she didn’t see the killer, only the dead man).

Another idea could be the setting. London on a snowy day! See how easy this was? I wrote it all in just a minute. My creative juices just flowed through my brain.

Do the same. Jot down ideas, even if they don’t make sense. Eventually your brain will produce brilliant ideas, and that’s how you end writer’s block.

Also, if you’ve started a story but keep getting stuck, possibly due to emotional ties to the scene you are describing, put the story aside for some time until you are better fit to go back to it. In the meantime, jot down new ideas and write a different story. Good luck!

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