5 Ways Writers Get Their Creative Juices Flowing

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When people find out I’m an author, they usually ask me the following question: “Where do you get your ideas from?” They also almost always follow that with “I can’t do what you do.” The truth is, writing is a lot of work. It is 25% imagination, 60% thinking and planning, and 15% trying to silence the inner critic that wants to tell you that you suck. So how do writers get their creative juices flowing? What goes on behind the scenes? Let us find out!

They Sleep

We all dream in our sleep, even if we can’t remember those dreams when we wake up. For many writers, dreaming is a great way to channel their subconscious creativity. They might just learn a thing or two about themselves in the process too, which is great because when writers discover who they are, they can create amazing, well-rounded characters based on themselves and those around them.

creative writersThey Observe Real Life Situations

Sometimes creativity stems from observing the world around us. That is what a lot of writers do, whether they are looking for ideas or not. There are cases when writers accidentally stumble across a great idea simply by witnessing a random event. They could be watching the news and get inspired to write a tragic scene based on what they saw. Creativity isn’t always complicated, folks!

The Universe Just Gifts Them Brilliant Thoughts

Tcreative writershis is also true. Sometimes writers just have ideas pop into their heads unexpectedly. Those are the best moments because writers just have to accept the gift and take credit for the brilliant work they didn’t exactly work on.

They Sit Down and Force the Creativity to Show Itself

Like I said earlier, writing is hard work, which is why writers don’t just lie around waiting for ideas to be handed to them (though those rare moments are nice). Instead, writers sit at their desk and think. When creativity refuses to inspire them, they think long enough, writing down different scenarios, and pick the idea they want to work on.

They Hold Creativity at Gunpoint Until It Surrenders Its Treasure

creative writersAnd when things go terribly wrong and the creative juices refuse to flow, writers hold creativity at gunpoint and threaten it to write the best story ever or else. Just kidding! That never works . . .


What do you think of this list? Do you think you have the little bit of creativity and insane amount of motivation in you that it takes to be a writer? Let me know in the comments below!

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