A Book Review: Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Book review

Let me start my book review off by mentioning that Lord of Shadows (the second in the Dark Artifices trilogy) is one of my favorite books. In fact, a lot of Cassandra Clare’s books, including Lady Midnight (the first book in the same trilogy), make it to my list of favorite books. If you are not familiar with these two books, you might recognize their predecessors City of Bones, City of Ashes, and the list goes on. . . So, without further ado, here is what I thought of this thrilling novel:

My expectations were high going into this book, and I was not let down. For that, I give this book five stars. Lord of Shadows follows the story of shadowhunters Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn and Julian’s siblings on their journey to end the Cold Peace, fight the evil coming their way, and, for Emma and Julian, figure out how to deal with their forbidden love for each other. Emma and Julian are parabatai, which is a bond more powerful than marriage. Their bond even makes them stronger shadowhunters, but it also forbids them from falling in love. If love takes place, it could consume and destroy not only them but the people around them.

For most of the book, Emma tries to lead Julian into thinking she does not love him, and that just makes for major conflicts. This is what us writers like to call “the slow burn” because it entices reader. After all, we love the things we cannot have, and the longer Emma and Julian stay apart the more we want them together.

Of course, this book delves into other matters too, such as Mark Blackthorn’s conflicts with his love interests (yes, plural) and his issues with the faerie realm (of which half of his genetics come from). Add lots of action and fight scenes and a couple of deaths, and you’ve got any lover of fantasy hooked.

In all honestly though, I found myself heartbroken at the end of the book. I won’t spoil anything, so you’ll just have to read the book yourself to learn what happens. But I am not in the best emotional state right now thanks to Ms. Clare. Like everyone else, I’ll just have to wait for the next book to come.

Favorite Quotes from the Novel

“‘Break my heart,’ he said. ‘Break it in pieces. I give you permission.’”

“As if you have discovered a beach you have been visiting all your life is made not of sand but of diamonds, and they blind you with their beauty.”

“Diamonds might be blinding in their beauty, but they were also the hardest and sharpest gems in the world. They could cut you or grind you down, smash and slice you apart. Malcolm, deranged with love, had not thought of that. But Julian could think of nothing else.”


Have you read or planning on reading Lord of Shadows? If you need to vent about the heartbreaking scenes of this novel, I’m right there with you. Leave me a message in the comments below or contact me from my website or on social media. I would love to discuss this amazing book with you!


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