Are All Bestselling Novels Actually Good?

bestselling novels

Many writers get hung up on the word “bestselling,” as if the quality of a novel declines if the novel does not get on the bestselling list. Well, what if I told you that bestselling novels have nothing to do with quality works? That isn’t to say that bestselling novels cannot be quality works. On the contrary, they can and should strive for quality. However, it isn’t always the case.

Is Bestselling Synonymous with Quality Work?

Not all bestselling novels are quality works; that’s a fact. Novels like 50 Shades of Grey run the market even though they are far from professional. Books written without a plan, without several revisions, and without the eyes of a thorough editor often end up on the bestselling list simply because they were well marketed. And though many writers feel that they must reach the bestselling list to be good writers, bestselling does not indicate talent.

So why do so many poor-quality novels end up as bestselling novels? By selling a lot, of course. It’s called marketing, word of mouth, and curiosity. If you advertise a book hard enough and make it seem as thrilling as can be, people might just buy it and preorder copies of it.

In fact, preordering a novel increases its chance of hitting the bestselling list. By preordering, readers help push the novel to the bestselling list from day one, before the book has even been read.

You see what I’m getting at? Plenty of bestselling novels are bestselling prior to any readers even holding them. Which means that the term bestselling is not synonymous with professional or even good.

So, are all bestselling novels good? Some are, but others have just been marketed well despite not qualifying. Which means that writers should not aim for the bestselling list. Rather, they should aim for quality work, as that is a better and more rewarding way to reach the bestselling list.

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