Are Physical Books Becoming Dinosaurs?


With the rise of eBooks, some people are wondering if physical books are becoming outdated, a generation of soon-to-be-extinct dinosaurs. However, this seems unlikely, because bookworms who love physical books have not gone extinct, nor will they anytime soon.

On the contrary, I believe that physical books are increasing in number. If a single reader reads at least fifty books in a year, then that is fifty new books on the market. Now imagine thousands of readers reading fifty different books.

Of course, readers love eBooks too. Nevertheless, eBooks do not replace paperback and hardcover books. There is something magical about holding a book in one’s hands and turning the pages. eBooks, while great, do not give all readers this satisfaction. Besides, what is a reader to do while reading in bed? Hold the tablet up while they lie on their back and hope the device doesn’t fall on their face? There are certain traits of a physical book which an eBook cannot compete with.

What is your opinion on the rise of eBooks and how it is changing the reading experience? Let us know in the comments!


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