How Often Should a Writer Write?

Writer, writer write

A writer should write everyday to improve their skill and advance their craft. Whether you are writing in a private journal, working on a story, or blogging, writing must be an essential part of your daily life as a writer. Who knew?

How long should a writer write? There is no specific time limit. However, a minimum of one hour a day is a good starter. Still, a serious writer should set time out of their day to write, and this should be identical to having a part time job (or a full-time job if you have no other work and this is your sole means of an income).

Writing for many hours will help you improve and gain creativity. The longer you are at your writing desk, the better writer you will be. Besides, writing is a therapeutic activity, especially for those of us whom are called to write. What better way to satisfy the tick in our brain that keeps on urging us to write than to write? For many writers, writing (even if it is all fiction) helps them sort through their emotions and come out healthier and stronger.

Sure, there are tales of writers whose careers destroyed their mental well-being and pushed them to the edge. Though, I must argue that those writers simply had tragic lives, were alcoholics, and did not learn how to deal with what was around them. In this day and age, a writer can write while remaining stable mentally. In fact, this is the norm now. You can thank therapists and a better understanding of the human brain!

So, remember, write daily! That’s the trick to becoming a professional writer.

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