How to Become a Writer in 18 Steps

become a writer

To become a writer, you must go through these simple but crucial steps.

Step 1: Buy a notebook

Step 2: Buy a pen

Step 3: Write

Step 4: Revise

Step 5: Cry about being a failed writer

Step 6: Lie awake at night thinking of every terrible thing that has ever happened to you

Step 7: Write another story

Step 8: Have your friends read your story and get told that “it’s good”

Step 9: Go to therapy

Step 10: Write about your therapy sessions

Step 11: Try to get your stories published

Step 12: Get your stories rejected by publishers

Step 13: Hide in your room for a week and smell like moldy cheese and a bit of urine

Step 14: Keep writing

Step 15: Finally get published

Step 16: Live happily ever after

Step 17: Just kidding…there is no such thing as a happy ever after. Keep writing

Step 18: Hope your kids do not become writers


I hope you’ve enjoyed this humorous blog on becoming a writer. And if you are a writer like me, you know that while being a writer is a tough career, it is absolutely worth it. Keep on writing (and do live your happily ever after)!


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