How to Deal with Writing Struggles: Writer’s Block

writer's block

Writers are often empaths, which makes them sensitive to internal and external situations. So, it is not surprising when a writer has writing struggles. This could be in the form of writer’s block, an inner critic that won’t shut up, or simple anxiety about writing. A writer might write a great novel only for it to get rejected time and again. This can all be overwhelming.

How can you get over some writing struggles, then? Well, at the end of the day, us writers naturally criticize ourselves. This makes us more susceptible to negative emotion and self-doubt. However, one way to get over these issues is to change your atmosphere. Write away from your writing desk for a few hours. This little change can make you feel like you’ve done something of value.

Another trick is to talk to a friend you can trust about your struggles. If you feel safer talking to a therapist, that could be helpful as well. Stating your anxieties out loud, even if they’re just revolving around writer’s block, is the best way to deal with them.

Lastly, keep on writing. If your inner critic is disrupting you from writing your novel, then what better way to tell it to shove off than to continue writing? This is a great method to getting rid of writer’s block.

Writing struggles are real and tough, but you can combat them. More than likely, you’ll experience writing struggles like writer’s block on and off throughout your life. They are a roller coaster of ups and downs. Still, you can deal with them each time they arise.

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