How You Can Enhance Your Reading Experience

Reading a Book

Reading has changed in this day and age. We not only have traditional books, we also have eBooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, and so forth. Still, lots of people find themselves distracted by everyday happenings, such as social media and TV (these aren’t bad . . . not if you work them into your valuable time). So, in order for people to truly enjoy and enhance their reading experience, there are several techniques they can follow. As an author and booklover who follows these methods, I can testify that they work. Here are the methods:

Free Your Schedule

It’s not easy to read when you have other responsibilities on your hands. In the back of your mind, you’re alwaysStack of books going to think, “I need to finish that homework” or “My friend is waiting for me to go watch that movie with her.” Whatever you need to do, make sure to do it first. Get it out of the way and then sit down and read.

Get Away from Social Media for a While

I know I’m guilty of not being able to let go of my phone. Lately, I find myself sidetracked by social media at all hours of the day. If you feel this way too but still long to get back your deep love for reading, then simply turn off your phone for a while. It might seem hard, but trust me, it can be done. Send your last text or tweet, tell your friends that you’re going to take a nap, and just immerse yourself in a great book.

Feel Good About Yourself

I don’t know about other book addicts, but I find it hard to sit down and read if I don’t feel right about myself . . . and I’m not talking about being sick. Actually, if I wake up and immediately jump into a story, I almost always feel horrible because my face is unwashed and my teeth aren’t brushed. Maybe that’s a bit much, but if you try this method, you might discover its miraculous outcome. So take a shower if you feel icky, brush out the knots from your hair, take care of that red, oozing pimple on your nose, floss, and then feel like a great warrior running through the cornfields alongside your heroic characters.

Shut Yourself in a Quiet Room

Kid readingAnother great way to enhance your reading experience is to shut yourself in your room, away from the TV, your blabbering siblings, and those delicious cookies your sister baked. Close the door, open your book, and dive into the action.

Turn Some Calming Music On

By calming music, I don’t mean lullaby’s and classical music (though, by all means, listen to them if they help you concentrate). What I mean is listen to music that is easy on the ears. Rock is wonderful, but it only works if you don’t blast it. So, turn on whatever music genre you adore, but keep it in the background. Not only will it make you happier, you’ll also have a better experience of the book later on since music can prompt lovely memories.

When I read and write, I like to listen to songs like “Not Gonna Die” by Skillet.

I keep my songs’ volume low so that I could still hear it without diverting my attention away from what is important right then: the book.

Think of the music you hear at Starbucks. It puts people in the right mood without being insanely loud. You can even play Starbucks’ playlist on Spotify.

Light a Deliciously-Scented Candle or Incense

Why not use the five senses? Writers do it all the time when they want to submerge themselves in their story’s world. And it really works! There’s something about a sandalwood incense stick or a vanilla candle that really helps the reader relax and get in the mood to read. Just be sure not to burn the house down when you do! Ask for adult supervision if you’re young.

Go to The Library, Park, Pool

Picnic with books

Another fantastic way to enjoy what you read and to get more out of the experience is to change the scenery around you. Go somewhere you haven’t been in a while. Sit in the back of the library or right on the beach with your feet submerged in wet sand. Have an adventure with your book!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep and Leave Something to Read for Tomorrow

Don’t try to finish the entire book in one sitting unless you really do have the time. Though, if you find yourself awake with your book at one in the morning, just close the book. You’ll have something to look forward to the next day, and you’ll appreciate the reading experience more!


What do you think? Did these techniques help you out? Let me know in the comments!


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