Motivating Tips: A Guide to Reaching Your Dreams

motivating tips

The world is a big place, and let’s face it, not one of us has ever lived his or her life without feeling some sort of fear of failure. I know I have felt desperate time and again wanting to know the outcome of my hard work, whether I would ever reach my dreams. As an author, I like to think of my journey the way I think of my characters’ journeys: I am a writer working to get my work in the spotlight, to make a prominent name in the reading world, and at this very moment, I am so close to getting what I want but with a few obstacles in my way, just like a character at the start of a story. Does that mean I will fail? No one can tell, but if I give up now, I would have failed before I ever gave myself a chance. And the same applies to you. So I’m going to help you out by sharing with you the three motivating tips that have saved me from feeling sorry for myself and made me strive to reach my dreams.

You Are Meant to Disappoint People

motivating tipsThis is by far my favorite tip from all the motivating tips listed here. Not long ago, a close friend of mine and I were talking about my writer’s block and how I doubted myself. I was afraid at the time that I would never be able to write another story because the thoughts were not flowing the way they used to and because people around me were fearful that I was wasting my life away wishing that my writing career would take off. Those people wanted me to be more realistic and, thus, to give up on my dream. But I was realistic, which is why I was afraid that those people might have been right and that all my attempts would possibly lead me to failure.

And it was then that my friend told me this amazing tip: I am meant
to disappoint people, particularly those close to me like my parents. That was when I realized how right my friend was. We are all brought into the world to make mistakes and to disappoint others based on our actions. I’m not saying that you should make that your daily goal; however, when going after your dreams, you shouldn’t let the doubts of others tear you down. Whether you succeed or fail is up to you and whether the world shines a ray of luck upon your head at some point in your journey. Which means that if you do fail in the end, it is totally fine, because it was your journey and your birthright to disappoint.

Successful Individuals Fight Hard and Don’t Complain

Take a look at successful individuals like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, J.K. Rowling, and Bill Gates. Do you think they got to where they are today by complaining and feeling sorry for themselves? No. They might have doubted themselves the way anyone with his dream on the line would, but they didn’t let that doubt stop them from working hard.

Hard work

They also didn’t just talk the talk; they acted on their instinct. For instance, I’ve heard some people tell me that they wanted to be actors or rappers, but the years have gone by and now they are doing something else entirely. What do you think happened there? Well, at first it started off as procrastination, but then the more they neglected their passions, the more they lost sight of their talents and they just took the easy way out by telling themselves that their dreams were not realistic and that they needed to ground themselves with something that would absolutely make them successful. So then those people went to college, majored in fields they did not really care about, and gone on to do OK in life. They now have money, but they aren’t happy. Do you see where I’m getting at?

Follow your dreamsSuccessful individuals became successful by working every day, putting their goals above everything else, and never ever telling themselves that they try tomorrow instead of today. If you find yourself feeling tired, lazy, or bored thinking about all the hard work it takes to reach your goal, remind yourself that those feelings are not going to get you closer to your dreams. You have to work hard even when you are tired, lazy, or bored. You can’t procrastinate. If you are ever going to reach your goals, you have to start working now.

Act Like a Professional at What You Do

You might not be a success yet, but acting like a professional at what you do will help you be a true professional, which will bring you closer to reaching your dreams.

If You Fall, Get Back Up and Try Again

TeamworkWe all fall and make mistakes. Sometimes we try so hard and still fail in the end. That’s totally OK. If this happens to you, don’t give up. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and start telling yourself that you’re not good enough, you’re never going to make it, you’re not smart like successful people. The truth is, successful people were ordinary people just like you and me. They had to start from the bottom and raise themselves up. One idea can make you the next Steve Jobs, but you have to be willing to work hard, nurture yourself, and struggle with your blood and sweat to get to that kind of success. So don’t give up.


Let me know, did these motivating tips help you? If so, please share the blog with your friends or anyone who has a big dream and needs that extra motivation to get started. And good luck!

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