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Pokemon Go Isn’t the Evil Some Are Making It Out to Be

Pokemon Go has taken over the hearts of many people, whether they are teens, young adults, kids, or grown men and women. In fact, this game has reminded lots of adults in their early to mid-twenties of the wonderful times in their childhood when they watched the Pokemon anime, collected and traded Pokemon cards, and played the video games. And what better way to make people addicted to a game than through nostalgia? I have to admit, I am hundred percent guilty of being one of those many Pokemon Go addicts, and who could blame me? Actually, a couple of people have blamed me, saying, “You’re an adult” and “How could you play a game that puts you in danger?” Well, to those few people who think the game is evil, I am here to point out why that is not true and honestly absurd.

Does Being an Adult Stop the Fun?

Just because I’m in my early 20s doesn’t make me boring. And what if I were forty years old, does the fun stop there? When does the fun stop? When we hit 18? The idea that we shouldn’t play a game because we’re adults is really strange and leads me to wonder why so many grown people are playing Candy Crush. Is it only acceptable to have fun if we’re in private and no one can see us having fun?

These are thoughts coming out Pokemon Goof repressed people who feel bad for having fun. In reality, we shouldn’t judge someone or look down on them for having fun. Sure, fun can go overboard sometimes, like when you want to have fun all day long, but overall, playing a game is normal. As long as you balance work and play, there’s nothing wrong.

Yes, I’m an adult, and yes, I know how to have fun.

Pokemon Go is Dangerous. You Could Get Kidnapped!

The game isn’t dangerous; people being stupid is dangerous. If you go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go, like a dark alley, because you think you can find a rare Pokemon there, then it’s your fault if something bad happens to you.

I heard on the news that a few people got robbed when someone used a lure in the game to get them into a specific isolated area. People went crazy over this news, saying how the game is unsafe. Though, the truth is, those people didn’t stop to consider that they were heading into an isolated area. It is absolutely their fault what happened to them.

Playing the game, I always make sure to go to public places around locations I normally go to, such as theme parks, a supermarket, and popular coffee shops. I don’t venture to the back of restaurant buildings or to the empty parking lot by the old abandoned church. And I almost always don’t go alone, and if I do, I make sure to look all around me and stay among others.

Again, if you make stupid real life decisions while playing the game, then that’s on you. Be smart and nothing should go wrong.

They’re Watching Our Every Move!

First of all, who are “they”? Are they the government, the illuminati, aliens, the mafia? Second of all, stop being paranoid. No one really cares too much about what you do or where you go. No one cares to track your every move. Besides, what are they going to do, report that you went to the zoo with other people that also went to the zoo and then to a restaurant to have a meal? Again, no one cares about your life. And if you don’t feel safe using the camera in Pokemon Go, you can turn it off. No need to make a fuss and start with conspiracy theories.

The Game is Making People Dependent On Technology

We have always been dependent on technology ever since we created it. Technology helps us move forward. Sure, we have taken advantage of it sometimes, but it is not a totally bad thing. And so what if we now can’t let go of our phones because we’re in search for Pikachu? This game has done more good than bad, like getting us to walk outside and interact with people in safe environments (again, if we don’t make stupid choices).

As an author, I am glad there is finally a game like this to get me out of the house. All day long I sit and I write, and when I finish writing, I don’t have the motivation to go walk. But this game gives me that motivation. Instead of staying on my behind all week, I now have a reason to get up, get some fresh air, and exercise. Why would anyone feel threatened by that?

Just because I hold my phone with more excitement than before doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the beginning of something positively new.


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