The Top 10 Hobbies for Creative People


This blog was inspired by some of the creative hobbies I enjoy from day to day. As I was working on my novel, it suddenly hit me: I love doing creative things because they keep me busy and inspired. Everything I do helps me with my writing by giving me patience and allowing me to think outside the box. And so, I’ve decided to write this blog listing the top 10 hobbies creative people often enjoy. Whether you love reading, writing, dancing, video editing, home design, or what have you, hopefully some of these creative hobbies will grab your interest and give you the inspiration you need.

clay sculpting


Obviously, as a writer and a book nerd, I wasn’t going to forget about reading as a major hobby. After all, reading is a great tool for generating ideas, having revelations, and self-understanding. Besides, creative people tend to find tranquility in reading, so this hobby is a great way to unwind and produce new creative thoughts.


Similarly, writing is just as amazing as reading. Whether you’re a professional writer or not, writing can be fun. Simply taking out a notebook and scribbling a few, creative lines can be satisfying. Or how about writing a short poem or journaling? The act of writing about something important to you can help you organize your thoughts and get inspired in whatever creative profession you do.

Planting and Gardening

Indoor plants

From the left: my cactus, Meyer lemon tree, and avocado tree

Some creative people love bonsai sculpting. Others just like their simple indoor plants. And then you have the gardeners, those who spend hours outside planting the most intricate and diverse garden. I am one of the indoor planting people because I love having a little garden on my bedroom windowsill and watching it grow over time under my care. This is a beautiful and relaxing hobby for creative people. You don’t have to think too hard about what to do; you just plant and watch the little beauties grow. I think a big reason why I love indoor planting so much is because I have to wait for each plant to sprout and grow tall, which teaches me to be patient in everything I do, especially during the time I am working on my novels.


I am not a painter, but those who have this talent should certainly cultivate it. It can be a fantastic hobby whether you do it professionally or just for fun. Even if you just draw, the act can help you stay in touch with your creative side.

Cross-stitching and Sewing


My current cross-stitching work

While I am listing cross-stitching and sewing, there are certainly other creative crafts that fall under this category, such as embroidery, crochet, and so much more. I myself love cross-stitching and in the past have enjoyed sewing here and there. To me, these creative hobbies are a great way to let my thoughts run free. For instance, while I’m cross-stitching, I get to stare at the lovely image I am working on and the stunning colors of each thread going from the needle to the canvas, and that lets me zone out and daydream. It’s truly a freeing hobby. I recommend this for creative people who feel stressed a lot.

Adult Coloring

adult coloring bookIf you haven’t discovered this trend yet, you might want to look more into it. Yes, adult coloring is a thing, and no, you wouldn’t be coloring in a kid’s coloring book and claiming that it’s what adults do now. Adult coloring has its own adult coloring books with sophisticated designs, and just like cross-stitching, they are a great way to free your mind and get creative thoughts flowing in.

Pottery Making

I might be wrong, but most creative people love pottery. Something about playing with clay, molding it, getting hands dirty, and creating something beautiful is one of the most creative hobbies out there. Plus, if you happen to go to a professional pottery class or studio, you might even get to paint and glaze your pottery.

Hula Hooping

We often think of hula hooping in the form of kids using tacky, dollar store hula hoops. But that’s not what I’m referring to here. If you love to dance, exercise, or just be on your feet, buy a professional hula hoop for your size and height. You can have a little dance with this hula hoop and it can be a fun hobby to take on. You’ll find yourself discovering moves you didn’t think you had in you.

Cooking and Baking

Ah, food. There is so much art in cooking and baking. If you love looking at food as much as eating it, cooking might be great for you. Trust me, there is something so delightful about making a gorgeous piece of art and then eating that gorgeous and delicious piece of art.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Do I really need to explain the benefits of this creative hobby to you? I think we all know how this hobby is


What do you think of these 10 creative hobbies? If you have any hobbies not mentioned here that you enjoy and find inspiration from, leave me a comment stating what they are. I would love to hear back from you!

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