The Top 5 Benefits of Writing a Novel

writing a novel

Writing a novel seems like a huge endeavor. Approximately 300 pages, about 80,000 words, must go into this project. That’s no small task. However, the reward is great (and I’m not just talking about money).

Therapeutic Means

Writing a novel is therapeutic. Much like meditation or talking to a friend or a therapist, writing lets you distress and free negative emotions. Even if you are writing fiction, expressing emotion on paper makes you more balanced mentally. It is true that writers are associated with depression, and there’s some truth to that. Yet, depression could just be the byproduct of over-empathic artists. Keep in mind that many of the old authors (like Edgar Allan Poe) also had bouts of writer’s block and a hard time making money. So, we can conclude that writing is beneficial for the writer. If writer’s block leads to depression, then an easy way to cure that is to write.


Like I said earlier, writing a novel is rewarding. Forget the money or the many readers who might praise you. Writing a full book can feel like a big accomplishment, and it is! It takes patience, talent, and dedication and hard work to write a book. Thus, it is personally a great reward when you’re done. You will feel more successful.

Entertaining Others

Another benefit is that your work would entertain or move people. Readers read to escape or learn something new. What better reason to write a book than to entertain?

Enhances Creativity

Writing a novel also enhances your creativity. The more you write, the more your creative juices will flow. You’ll become a more interesting person.

You Have Your Life Figured Out

If the above benefits aren’t enough to convince you to write a book, then perhaps this will. Writing a novel makes you look smarter. The second you tell someone you’ve written a book, they’ll look at you like you have your life together. So that’s a bonus!

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