What Should a Writer’s New Year’s Resolutions Include?

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Happy new year, you beautiful people, you! If you’re reading this after 2018, consider yourself a time traveler. That’s how that works, right? Anyway, 2018 has just greeted us, so you’re all probably wondering what your new year’s resolutions are. If you are a writer, here is a list of resolutions you must work on.

Start or Finish Your Novel

Have you been working on a novel? This is the year to finish what you’ve started. No excuses! Think of writing your novel as your part time job. You must write often, in between breaks, during your lunch break, whenever you are home, and so on. Writing should be an essential part of your life. Finish that novel!

If you haven’t gotten started yet, what are you waiting for? Write your brilliant novel! Get the creative juices flowing, work hard, and make that story come to life.

Revise a Novel You’ve Completed

Do you have a novel sitting on the shelf or left untouched in your computer? These stories are craving attention. Reread them and revise them! You never know, a story you wrote years ago might just turn into something you could publish.

Be a Healthy Writer

As writers, we often forget to take care of ourselves. We sit at out writing desks and write away. Coffee (or tea) is our source of energy. However, this is not healthy. Sure, drinking coffee or tea isn’t harmful, but you need food too. And exercise. Write like the wind, but do take time out of your day to keep yourself in a healthy shape. Remember, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a nice walk will keep your creative ideas coming. Don’t skip them.

Read Books Outside Your Genre

Writers are a little biased toward the books they read and don’t read. Nevertheless, the greatest writers read everything, even if this means they must read some books they don’t like. Reading a variety of books expands your knowledge and your quality as a writer. So, don’t skip out on this essential resolution!

Have More Fun

Like I said, writers sometimes take life too seriously. They must finish that novel and edit that chapter and they cannot leave their writing desk until they’ve written a thousand words. Still, removing oneself from the hard work that is writing a novel is crucial to finishing the novel. Why? Because relaxing and having fun lets you re-energize and organize your thoughts. It helps you see what’s lacking about your novel, or what you have too much of. Thus, distance yourself from your beloved manuscript for a few hours and enjoy your life. You’ll come back to the story with more enthusiasm and direction.

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