Top 5 Things Writers Do When They’re Not Writing

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Writers have a tough job. Not only do they have to create a reasonable, interesting world, they have to do so in writing (obviously). As Thomas Mann, a German novelist, said, “A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.” Writers have to think twice about each word they put on paper, pick only the best ideas, and tell refined stories that have been shaped and reshaped over and over and over. And even then, writers will still think their stories needs more work, but they have to stop editing at some point to get their writing published. So, what exactly do writers do when they’re not writing?

Think Endlessly About Their Workwriter thinking

Yes, it’s true, when writers aren’t writing, they think about their writing. They try to figure out how to enhance plot twists, what would make readers love or hate a character more, and how to turn the main character’s world upside down while maintaining a realistic story, even if it is a fiction fantasy. In other words, you could say that writers are paranoid about their stories.


Ask Their Friends If What They Wrote Makes Any Sense

Each writer has a unique voice and style of writing, which makes it difficult figuring out if what was written makes any sense to people other than the writer. Writers sometimes read their work a hundred times just to decide if it sounds all right. And when the words no longer make sense because they’ve stared at them so long, writers turn to friends and nag until they find out if their work is gibberish or not. So even when writers aren’t writing, they are talking about their writing.

Wonder If Their Hard Work Will Ever Pay Off

Writers are emotional people, and who could blame them? Their work doesn’t pay until the very end and only if it is accepted for publication. Which means that writers are always in a state of anxiety, wondering if all the hard work they’re putting into their writing will ever actually pay off.writer

Get Irritated When a Favorite Author Uses a Brilliant Plot Twist—How Come They Didn’t Think of That?

Writers have so much on their minds that it can be hard to come up with ideas sometimes (most people call this writer’s block). And when writers discover a well-delivered plot twist in a book, they often get slightly jealous of the author. They wonder why they weren’t able to think of something as great. The good news, though, is that writers get motivated when they are envious of other authors’ writing.

Go to Sleep in Hopes of Getting Inspired in a DreamSleeping Outdoor

When writers no longer have the energy to sit down and plot, they take a nap in the hopes that a strange and outrageous dream will give them the inspiration they so desperately need to finish the chapter they have been stuck on.


Are you a writer? If so, can you relate to any of the above things writers do when they’re not writing? I would love to hear back from you! You can leave me a comment bellow.

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