When Does a Writer Become an Author?

writer become an author

Some people argue that anyone who writes stories is an author. Others argue that writers become authors once their works are published. However, the former point is the correct one. After all, the definition of an author is “a writer of a book, article, or report.” So, once and for all, let’s put the debate when does a writer become an author to rest.

You could also argue that if a writer wrote a novel on a deserted island of which he was the only citizen, then he would have to be an author because there is no one to print and publish his work. He would still be able to read his novel, though, despite it not being famous. Thus, a writer is an author even when only one person has read their work.

Plus, in this day and age, a lot of writers publish their work online, either on a blog or on the kindle app and other e-readers. So even though their books aren’t physically printed, they are still considered published authors. This can only imply that a writer becomes an author when his book is written.


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