Who vs. Whom: A Simple Trick to Remember

Who vs. whom

I am going to be honest and admit that I have struggled with this rule myself. Who vs. whom is abstract to foreigners learning English, and it is even hard for English native speakers. I was once a foreigner, and although I am an American author now, I can still understand why people have a hard time with this rule. Nonetheless, I have mastered this grammatical rule along the years, and I am happy to share my knowledge.

Here is a trick I have learned that helps me figure out how to tell the difference between who vs. whom. If you can replace “who”/“whom” with “he”/“she”, you would put “who.” If you can replace the word “who”/“whom” with “him”/“her”, you would put “whom.”

Example: “He can take her place.” Becomes: “Who can take his place?”

Example “You love her?” Becomes: “You love whom?” or “Whom do you love?”

Example: “He has the paper?” Becomes: “Who has the paper?”

Example: “How often do you go there with her?” Becomes: “How often do you go there with whom?”

Any time you struggle figuring out whether you need who vs. whom, simply switch them with “he”/“she” or “him”/“her”. Depending on the one that fits the sentence, you would have your answer.

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