Why Keeping a Journal As a Writer Is Important

keeping a journal

When you’re a writer, a journal does not necessarily mean you will be writing your diary. You could, of course. You might think, I’ll record my everyday happenings so that one day they could film a biography about me. However, a journal has many other uses. Keeping a journal is a powerful tool for a writer, just as looking through a camera lens is important for a photographer.

Writing Down Observations

Instead of only writing about your life, include what you observe from the life around you. This is one of the very first lessons I was taught when I took my first creative writing course. Looking within is great, but looking outside is grand. Plus, you might just come across something or someone that inspires your future novel. Not to forget that this part will help you write better settings in your stories. When you notice sights, sounds, and smells, you can expect to write about those important observations.

Writing Down Bizarre Dreams

We all dream in our sleep, even if we don’t recall anything upon waking up. Though, if you are keeping a journal and you start recording the dreams that you do remember the moment you wake up, even if in the middle of the night, you’ll start remembering more and more dreams. You might also experience vivid dreams. The importance of writing down these dreams is that it’ll help you gather lots of inspirations for your stories.

Writing Down In-the-Moment Quotes and Story Lines

Have you ever thought of a brilliant line to include in your story only to forget it later? We’ve all done this. When keeping a journal, you are less likely to lose all these quotes and story lines. You’ll be able to record your inspirations as they come to you!

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