Will Libraries Close in the Future?


There is a debate that libraries are going extinct. With eBooks on the rise saving authors and publishers from printing and distribution costs, it seems there is no need for libraries anymore. Without physical books, a library is empty. This is at least what some people believe.

Why This Isn’t Always True

This is true to some extent, of course. However, humans, let’s face it, are materialistic people. Hording is in our nature, like squirrels burying nuts, except we have come to control that wild, unnecessary urge. Still, we love holding on to things. “This is mine.” “My property.” “My things.” While eBooks are cheaper, they do not allow us to call a book “ours” and flaunt it. We want to own a book and have it decorate our shelf.

Libraries do not give us books to keep, but they let us browse, smell, and touch a book, which we love just the same. There is nothing comparable to a physical book. And sure, library books can be old, though that’s often what’s beautiful about them. They have history. Their readers have come and gone, but they will always be unchanging.

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