5 Healthy Habits for Writers

Healthy habits for writers

It should not be told that writers must write for sanity’s sake. It’s kind of a given. Writing is to the writer what heroin is to a drug addict. However, there are at least 5 other healthy habits for writers.

Doing Other Creative Hobbies

Writers often benefit from creative tasks that utilize other parts of the brain not used during writing. For example, drawing, coloring, or painting is a perfect way to connect to the colorful part of your creativity that doesn’t think with words. Simultaneously, some hobbies, like sewing or gardening, require very little mental work, allowing writers to have an outlet for stream of thoughts to wander. This is a great way for writers to relax and generate creative ideas.

Getting Some Exercise

Writers sit for many hours behind a desk. They need exercise every once in a while if not once a day. Taking a walk or going to the gym is helpful. Even stretching for five minutes is beneficial.

Sleeping at Least 8 Hours a Night

It’s not a shocker that writers forget to sleep sometimes. Yes, writers consider sleep optional. Though, that’s obviously not true. One of the 5 healthy habits for writers is definitely sleep. Otherwise, they would be too tired to write well or generate ideas.

Talking to Friends

Like I said earlier, writers sit for hours behind a desk. This leaves them tired, inactive, and without much social life. It’s vital for a writer to go out with friends at least once a week. Even talking with friends or loved ones on the phone can re-energize the mind and soul.

Having a Personal Day

Writers neglect themselves all the time. They forget to eat or shower, and they are awful to their well-being. So taking a personal day to rest is necessary. Writers can use some time to pamper themselves.

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