How to Stay Inspired While Writing a Book

writing a book

Writing a book feels like a huge, wonderful endeavor. Word after word, sentence after sentence, chapter after chapter, and then you have a fully-complete manuscript. Or so it seems. Because a novel is never actually complete. No matter how often you revise, there is always room for more revision. The key is knowing when it’s time to stop. This whole process can feel exhausting. Between writing and revising, how do you stay inspired?

Take a Short Break from Writing

Writers often refuse to leave their writing desk. Worry that they will fall behind on work keeps them stuck behind their computers. However, taking a short break is sometimes essential. Here’s the thing, when you write and write and write, your brain doesn’t have time to recharge. You are emptying the fuel by driving the car, and eventually, you need to fill up on gas again. So, if you’re not feeling inspired while writing a book, try taking a short walk or reading a book. A change of atmosphere and pace is a great help.

Try Some Writing Exercises

Writing exercises challenge you and get you to consider writing techniques you don’t think about but might end up finding useful. For instance, one of my favorite writing exercises is describing the contents of a character’s fridge. What your character has in there can hint at their personality. For example, they might own nothing but beer. Or maybe their fridge is empty. Perhaps they love trying new foods and the items in there are eccentric and of mixed origins.

Try a Colorful Hobby

Adult coloring books, cross stitching, painting, and/or gardening are great ways to get inspired. While your eyes take in all the beautiful colors around you, your mind wanders. New thoughts come to you without you trying. This is similar to coming up with ideas while driving. A wandering mind is a wonderful tool for writers. Make sure to put it to use. Plus, hobbies such as these will keep you sane by healing your stressed out mind.

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