Why It’s Necessary for a Writer to Not Write Sometimes


A writer writes. That’s a fact. However, a writer also stops writing sometimes to make sense of her thoughts, just like how an architect stops drawing a structure to analyze it. Or how a chef stops cooking to look up a recipe. Or how a singer stops singing to rest his voice.

It is certainly important not to stop writing. Otherwise, the creative juices slow down and so does motivation and rhythm. Still, what exactly is writing? Writing can happen in the mind without any words making their way onto paper. Does the writer not think of his characters while out on a walk? Does the writer not create an in-depth plot in her mind while driving? Writing can take place solely in the mind of a writer, allowing the him to write and not write at the same time.

This is the kind of healthy habit that every writer should have. While taking a break from physically writing is vital for the renewal of thoughts, mental writing should take place instead.

How Long Should A Writer Not Write to Regenerate Thoughts?

How long a writer should not write to regenerate his thoughts is completely up to him. For instance, I haven’t written a word since I finished writing my novel, Divinity Falling, almost six months ago. Nevertheless, I’ve been generating new ideas for my next novel. It is too early for me to begin writing the novel since a few plot holes remain in the story. But I do make progress with this plot every week.

Still, if you haven’t written anything in over a year, you should probably consider ending your writing vacation and getting back into the game. There is a fine line between writing in your mind and being too lazy to do any work. If you are not plotting or writing, then you are failing to do your job.

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